TD's Top Prospects-#21 Batter

Posted by Lionel on April 10, 2009.

Ty Wright

Rank: #21 Batter (TD), #25 Prospect (BA)

Age: 24

Position(s): LF

Team(s): Daytona

'08 Key Composite Stats: .300 BA, 72 RBI's, 60 runs, 7 of 9 SB's

Acquired: Drafted-7th Round, 2007

Breakdown: There isn't anything extra special about Ty Wright's performance in '08, until you get to the part where he had 72 RBI's. That ranks 6th in the Cubs organization, behind only Hoffpauir, Jake Fox, Casey McGehee (now a bench player for the Brewers), Jovan Rosa, and Tyler Colvin. I know there's an argument to be made that RBI's are more a product of getting guys on base, but given the company he's keeping, it's impressive to me. If you extrapolate it over 600 AB's, he has 101 RBI's and 84 runs scored. In addition, his .300 BA ranked him fifth among qualifying players in the Florida State League. If he were a little younger at Daytona, he'd be a little higher on these rankings.

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TD's Top Prospects-#21 Pitcher

Posted by Lionel on April 8, 2009.

Ramon Reyes

Rank: #21 Pitcher (TD)

Age: 20

Position(s): SP

Team(s): DSL Cubs

'08 Key Composite Stats: 15 appearances (14 starts), 1.99 ERA, 4.39 K/W ratio

Acquired: Signed as a Non-Drafted Free Agent (2006)

Breakdown: The DSL (Dominican Summer League) is the near-opposite of the's all about the pitching. If he wasn't pitching in the DSL, Reyes' numbers would be amazing. A 1.99 ERA over 15 appearances with all but one as a start. Reyes struck out better than a hitter per inning. His 1.07 WHIP is thanks to a combination of a .217 BAA and a .265 walks per inning ratio. The only negative (outside the league he pitches in) is that he was in his second year in the DSL, so you have to question whether he is a legitimate prospect. Despite great numbers, he didn't rank in the top ten in any statistical category in the organization.

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Why Guzman?

Posted by Lionel on April 7, 2009.

Thanks in part to the Cubs first DL free start in 23 years, the Cubs had a roster decision to make. While you know by now that the decision was to keep Angel Guzman and eat the $2M salary of Chad Gaudin (both were out of options), the question remains why. Well, the easiest explanation was Gaudin's 10.38 ERA was worse than Guzman's 7.30, Peter Gammons said there was more to it. According to Gammons on Monday's Baseball Tonight, the Cubs kept Guzman to showcase him to the Padres. As in, the team that currently has Jake Peavy. That's right, folks, the rumor won't die. For those who don't remember, Angel Guzman was the Cubs top pitching prospect for most of the mid-part of this decade.

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