Trade Deadline Week: Tuesday Edition

Posted by Lionel on July 28, 2009.

Do the Tigers want Bradley?
  • Peter Gammons mentioned last night on Baseball Tonight that JH is usually very active at the trade deadline, but the unresolved ownership situation will prevent the Cubs from making any big moves. He mentioned they were still searching for a utility infielder and/or a left-handed reliever, but he's the only one I've heard still mentioning a utility-infielder.

  • This is a bizarre one, but Jim Leyland had to answer a question as to whether the Tigers would be interested in Milton Bradley, because there was that rumored trade to the Tigers out there. Not surprisingly, Leyland said they had no interest in Bradley.

  • Bruce Miles says the focus continues to be on Joe Beimel and John Grabow.

  • Gordon Wittenmeyer adds George Sherrill to the list.

  • Reports out of Pittsburgh say the Pirates asking price for John Grabow is too rich for the Cubs blood.

  • Overall, I would have to say that Beimel leads on the backstretch. It is curious that the Pirates would have a high asking price for Grabow, because they have sold off pieces for next to nothing this year, and Grabow would save them another $700K or so, but maybe it has to do with the Cubs being in the same division. As for Sherrill, I know this is a trendy rumor, based on the relationship between JH and Andy McPhail, but Sherrill is a closer. The Cubs already have a closer and setup man, so why would they pay a closer's price in trade for a 7th inning/situational leftie? Beimel is the only name still being mentioned in trade rumors on the Nat's team, so you'd figure they'd be motivated to show their fan base something. Reports are the Cubs could get him for a couple of mid-level prospects, which sounds about right.

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