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Posted by Lionel on July 22, 2009.

A few news and notes to get caught up on...
  • It's probably a little bit of old news at this point, but the Cubs signed their 2nd round pick D.J. Lemahieu. Lemahieu played for LSU, who won the College World Series a month ago, and was a key cog, leading the team in batting average.

  • By my count, the Cubs have signed 8 of their top 10 picks, the only unaccounted players being Austin Kirk and Brooks Raley. Kirk is a HS pitcher who was the Cubs third round pick. He is committed to Oklahoma, but has remained open to signing with the Cubs. Raley was the Cubs 6th round pick as a pitcher, but he also plays OF. If he doesn't sign, he'll return to Texas A&M for his junior year.

  • Vote Zonk. Anyone who caught the Cubs on TV just before the All Star break or has heard the Cubs on this road trip has already heard Keith Moreland doing the analysis. I have a feeling that the media execs are giving him a tryout, and from what I've heard, he's passed with flying colors. He gives great insight on to what the hitter should be trying to do (I stress should, because it's the Cubs) without cheapening the broadcast with stupid catchphrases or needless adjectives. If Brenly or Santo aren't back next year for any reason, I think Moreland will slide in.

  • A few rumors still keeping the Cubs rumor mill turning. Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Sun-Times suggested that the Cubs may pursue George Sherrill or Chad Qualls, and could inquire about catching help if Geo is out for a long time. Sherrill's name has been attached to the Cubs by other reports, and while JH and Andy McPhail are good friends who love dealing, most reports are saying a team would have to overpay for Sherrill and I don't think the Cubs have that great a need. Then again, the Cubs are still owed compensation for Rich Hill (I'm not saying it would go straight-up, but the Cubs could get Sherrill cheaper if that's part of the deal).

  • Honestly, I don't know that the Cubs need any bullpen help, unless they feel they need to give Marshall a break from being the lone lefty. As for catcher, I don't see much out there. Catchers are dropping like flies.

  • The Cubs were supposedly interested in Felipe Lopez, who was traded to the Brewers. Don't know if they were actually interested or were trying to drive up the price, knowing the Brewers were interested.

  • JH has called the Red Sox on Julio Lugo. Maybe JH is just looking to add DFA's to complement the team.

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