Rumor Mill Starting to Churn

Posted by Lionel on May 27, 2009.

It seemed like the sleepy baseball writers and reporters were caught off guard last week when the Jake Peavy to the White Sox deal popped up, so now they are all scrambling to start some rumors, even if they are absurd...

  • Obviously, the first rumor out there is that the Cubs will try to go after Jake Peavy. The Daily Herald gave some thoughts on this, basically saying it either had to be done now or never. I would love Peavy, but this rumor just needs to die. First, the Cubs problem isn't the starting rotation. In fact, I don't think I'm providing any major insight when I say that the SP's are their strongest suit. Second, it would take a Josh Vitters (currently #1 on BA's hot prospect sheet) plus 3-4 other players to get Peavy. The Cubs farm system is weak enough, we don't need it weaker to get another SP. Third, Peavy is a 6 inning pitcher, meaning that you have to have a good 'pen behind him. That also means that he isn't going to give you those long outings you may need in September.
  • Speaking of rekindling old trade rumors, Dayn Perry of decided to spark up a classic: Brian Roberts. Like most writers, he didn't actually go as far as saying he had anything concrete, rather he was just throwing names out there. That much is clear when he gets to the part where the Cubs are trading Jeff ND. Samardzija has a full no trade clause, according to various reports, so his trade proposal is just an armchair GM picking names. But I would welcome a trade for Brian Roberts. I wasn't sold on the Mike Fontenot experiment from the start and if he wasn't needed at third, I would say it's time to put lil Mikey to bed. Roberts would spark the offense and could be used in the two hole, since Sori refuses to try if he's not hitting leadoff.
  • Gordon Wittenmeyer jumped in with the thought that the Cubs could use Kevin Kouzmanoff to fill in until ARam returns. Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a solution for replacing ARam with another light-hitting 3 sack? I think the Cubs have enough of those already on the roster. Instead of further weakening the farm to get a .231 hitting Kouzmanoff, maybe they should just stick with their .200 hitters until ARam comes back for the last 70 games or so.
  • From the ridiculous, the Berryessa Sun (San Jose, CA paper) points that the A's will be trading Matt Holiday and the Cubs (among other teams) are good trading partners with the A's and could make them an offer they couldn't refuse. Really? Where, pray tell, would Matt Holiday play? Good idea, though. Let's just name every team that the A's have previously traded with and say they could land Matt Holiday.

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