The Perfect Storm

Posted by Lionel on May 8, 2009.

I reported earlier today that the Cubs were discussing the acquisition of Ryan Freel and I was against it. To refresh your memory, I was against it if it required the draining of the Cubs farm system. Well, it didn't. It cost the Cubs Joey Gathright and some cash. Congratulations, JH. After the deals you'd made throughout the offseason, trading Gathright for Freel is a good move. But that should've sent Bobby Scales back to AAA. However, a perfect storm arose for Scales that will likely keep him in the Bigs for a couple of weeks. Let's look back at what happened in the past couple of hours.

First, Joey Gathright cleared waivers (as reported earlier). What I find significant about this is that there wasn't a single team willing to pay his $1M salary to have him on their team. When JH signed Gathright, I didn't understand why he was signed a guaranteed contract (and not a minor league contract with a spring training invite). Given that he cleared waivers, it still doesn't make sense.

Next, the Cubs made the trade for Freel. With Gathright technically being traded, Randy Wells was able to "come up" to the Bigs without the Cubs making another move, although Freel's acquisition would require a move tomorrow.

So, it seemed like the addition of Freel would mean Bobby Scales would be sent down. But then ARam dove for a shot down the line. If you didn't see it, you don't want to see it. He immediately grabbed his wrist, then his shoulder. He has a dislocated shoulder...the severity of which is unknown. Based on the pain ARam was in when he left the field, I would find it hard to believe he remains on the active roster. Early reports are he'll be out 4-6 weeks. In other words, they will DL him and add Freel without another roster move. So, Bobby Scales gets to feast on the MLB spread instead of PB&J at Des Moines, while Lou tries to manage the Tiny Triumvirate with the addition of 5 foot, 9 inch Ryan Freel.

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