Did Lou start celebrating Cinco de Mayo early?

Posted by Lionel on May 5, 2009.

Here's today's Cubs starting lineup:

1) Gathright CF

2) Miles SS

3) Fukudome RF

4) Lee 1B

5) Hoffpauir LF

6) Fontenot 3B

7) Scales 2B

8) Hill C

9) Marshall P

Closer (if needed)-Aaron Heilman

Before you start thinking Lou has been downing Corona's, let's look at why he's resting a lot of his regulars. The Cubs are on their first four game winning streak and will at least split the 2 games series with the Giants. It gives Gathright his first start of the year and gives Scales a chance to play. It puts 8 lefties in the lineup (the only one not batting leftie is D-Lee). But mostly, it is because the Cubs #5 starter is facing the Giants #1 and reigning Cy Young award winner. So, if the Cubs are going to have a bad matchup, this would be it. Ideally, the Cubs would have an off-day tomorrow (Lou usually likes to give his regulars 2 days of rest).

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