Why Guzman?

Posted by Lionel on April 7, 2009.

Thanks in part to the Cubs first DL free start in 23 years, the Cubs had a roster decision to make. While you know by now that the decision was to keep Angel Guzman and eat the $2M salary of Chad Gaudin (both were out of options), the question remains why. Well, the easiest explanation was Gaudin's 10.38 ERA was worse than Guzman's 7.30, Peter Gammons said there was more to it. According to Gammons on Monday's Baseball Tonight, the Cubs kept Guzman to showcase him to the Padres. As in, the team that currently has Jake Peavy. That's right, folks, the rumor won't die. For those who don't remember, Angel Guzman was the Cubs top pitching prospect for most of the mid-part of this decade.

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