What it takes to be a Cubs Fan...Part II

Posted by Lionel on April 16, 2009.

If you read Arthur's post from March 9, you will discover how he became a Cubs fan. Not being born or raised in the greater Chicagoland region, I have been asked the same question: How did you become a Cubs fan? My story begins with a single-engine plane...

I was just a pup when my friend's uncle invited me to tag along on a trip to Chicago to see a Cubs game with them. He owned a single-engine four seater which we landed at Meigs Field (the former single-strip airport on Northerly Island). My memory recalls a 1-0 game, won on a Ryne Sandberg solo HR. If my memory of that day is correct and I was told accurately told what was transpiring in the game, it was likely September 20, 1986 (thank you, Baseball-Reference). It was exciting...Ryne Sandberg, a second baseman just like me, scored the only run of the game on a HR. I felt like he'd hit the HR for me. What I didn't realize is that if that date is correct, that big win moved the Cubs to 63-85, only 34 games out of 1st place. As a side note, Barry Bonds lead off for the Pirates and went 0-5, dropping his season BA to .222, Jamie Moyer threw 7 shutout innings for the Cubs, and former Cubs GM Ed Lynch pitched an inning of relief.

I was hooked on the Cubs and hooked on Ryne Sandberg. I soon discovered that the local Fox station (Fox television was in its infancy at the time) carried the WGN feed on some weekends, allowing the love of all things Cubdom to blossom.

Since Arthur's post provided some fan suggestions, I thought I'd provide my own additions to his list:

1) If you are out of "little league," don't bring your glove to the game. Man up and try to catch the ball barehanded. If you can't, well, you don't deserve the ball. It's not bloody likely that you are going to catch a ball, anyways, and it's just embarassing to everyone to see you carrying around some brand new shiny glove you bought just for the Cubs game.

2) Speaking of catching balls, show some respect during batting practice. I watched BP yesterday and I think some fans lost their voices before the game even started. Do you really want a practice ball that bad? Are you going to tell your grandchildren "yep, I caught this ball from Edgar Tovar (bullpen catcher) back in '09. I had got to the game 3 hours before the gates opened so I could scream until my throat was raw, and had to knock over 8 people, but I got a BP ball at Wrigley Field." It's unlikely that I'll ever grab a BP ball, in large part because I won't be knocking people over for one, but if I did, I'd find a kid and give it to him. That ball would be worth more to an 8 year old than you. I promise. Finally, if the player, whether he be in the blue pinstripes or not, decides not to throw every ball he gets into the stands, I don't think he deserves a profanity-laced tirade. I clearly heard someone ride David Patton yesterday for not throwing a ball into the stands, despite the fact that he'd already thrown 3. Again, is it that important to you?

3) I'm sorry that Mark Prior turned out to be a bust, and I'm sorry that you plunked down over a benjamin to get that authentic jersey, but it's time to take it off. Seriously. Same for Wood, DeRo, etc. When you go into your closet to pull out your Cubs gear for the game, you should only pull the jersey out if a) the guy currently plays for the Cubs or b) the guy is retired and a legend around Wrigley. If it's a Wood jersey, you can probably hang on to it. In 15 years, it'll be cool again. But not now. And I don't see any appropriate time for the Prior jersey...you probably should've burned it in effigy years ago.

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