How Close was Peavy to Wearing Pinstripes?

Posted by Lionel on April 4, 2009.

Jake Peavy was almost a Cub. We all heard the rumors all winter long. But just how close was it? Well, according to Baseball Tonight, this close (imagine I in holding my thumb and forefinger about about 3 millimeters apart). Buster Olney reported that Kevin Towers told him that the Cubs and Peavy's agent were discussing deferred payments to make the contract work. As in, it was close enough to be discussing contract issues with the agent. JH and the Cubs got up from the table when the Pads refused to pay any of the $64M Peavy was owed and would have to give up 4 players. Given that the Padres have Peavy, Adrian Gonzalez, and a bunch of AAAA players, every expert is predicting that Peavy will be moved sometime during the season.

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