What it takes to be a Cubs Fan...just a thought.

Posted by Arthur on March 9, 2009.

Born on the southside of Chicago, I am often asked how I became a Cubs fan. The simple answer...My Dad. He came to this country and great city in 1970 and lived on the southside. Only living a mile or so from Sox Park, he didnt choose that team as his team. He went with the Northsiders...why? Well, I asked him this question recently and he told me it was because of the following reasons:
1) he could travel the country and watch the Cubs on WGN
2) the fans are nicer and
3) the history.

Now I remember going to Cubs games as a kid. We would drive in from the western suburbs, park far away, take the red line, scalp a couple of tickets, buy some peanuts and then leave in the 7th inning to beat traffic. I love those memories. I hope to be able to have those memories one day with my very own kin...but until here is my quick run down of what I think it takes to be a Cubs fan:
1) Loyalty for the team...no matter what.
2) Flexibilty in the weather, in the lead off spot, in our relief pitching, in the ownership, in the rising beer costs, in the parking and in the loose morals of some of the fans.
3) Knowledge of the game, the team and history.
4) Respect of the past and the fans that come before us. My dad doesnt like seeing back tattoos or girls that are passing out at games...respect it.

Of course nothing makes me an expert in this, except for the fact that since I could remember I watched the game on WGN and listened to it on the radio at the exact time. I've travelled to spring training and enjoyed the game at its finest. I've seen the minor leaguers play when they are in town. I host Lionel and Jumbo a weekend a year to celebrate our blog and the team. I made my nephew learn the players and how to play the game. I've broken up with a girl because she was a sox fan.

So as the opening day nears...remember these few things as you prepare to go to Wrigley:
1) you are a fan and so are we...dont ruin the experience.
2) enjoy the park...it has been here for years.
3) if you see my dad...by him a coke.
4) wear your red and blue with pride.
5) Murphy's bleachers for pre-game.

I am sure someone has additional things to add to this list. But I am a simple fellow. I want my Old Style, a bag of seeds and good friends to share in the great Chicago past time of wrigley field and the Chicago Cubs.

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