TD's Top Prospects- #24 Batter

Posted by Lionel on March 4, 2009.

Doug Deeds

Rank: #24 Batter (TD)

Age: 27

Position(s): RF

Team(s): Tennessee

'08 Key Composite Stats: .325 BA, .904 OPS, 73 runs, 37 doubles, 12 HR's, 8/9 stolen bases

Acquired: Traded from the Minnesota Twins for Craig Monroe

Breakdown: It's hard to call a 27 year old a prospect, but his numbers were too impressive to leave off the list. It was a bit of a head-scratcher when he was the Cubs return in the Craig Monroe trade, not that Monroe warranted a big-time prospect, but rather that the Cubs were getting a then 26 year old minor leaguer. Deeds .325 batting average was fifth best in the organization and fourth in the Southern League. The Southern League All Star had 214 total bases and averaged better than half a base per AB. His 89% success rate in stealing bags was third best in the organization among players who stole more than 5. For those who love sabermetrics, Deeds had a 84.94 runs created rating, third best in the organization (for more on runs created, click here (and yes, it's Wikipedia, but it's the formulas that are important). While age played the biggest role in Deeds ranking being so low, Deeds ranking was demoted slightly by his 100 strike outs, which was roughly 24% of his AB's.

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