Cubs in the WBC, Pool Recap

Posted by Lionel on March 13, 2009.

As the WBC moves from letters to numbers (pools), let's take a quick look at what the Cubs and Cubs farmhands did in the lettered pool play.

Carlos Marmol (D.R.)-0-1, 5.40 ERA, 4 of 5 batters retired via K (tournament over)

Geo Soto (Puerto Rico)-.375 BA, .500 OBP, 1 double, 2 RBI's (Pool 2 v. U.S.)

Ted Lilly (U.S.)-1 start, 3 IP, 1 earned run, 1 HR, 2 K's (Pool 2 v. Puerto Rico)

Kosuke Fukudome (Japan)-.286 BA, .545 OBP, 2 Runs, 2 K's (Pool 1 v. Cuba)

Corey Koskie (Canada)-D.N.P. (tournament over)

Vince Perkins (Canada)-0-1, 1 start, 2 IP, 2 earned runs, 4 walks (tournament over)

Alex Maestri (Italy)-2 2/3 IP, 3 walks, 2 K's, no hits (tournament over)

Hung Wen Chen (Taipei)-D.N.P. (tournament over)

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