Lionel tests typing fingers, shows off his testy side

Posted by Lionel on February 24, 2009.

A few days ago, the Tribune's Paul Sullivan wrote an article questioning Z's shoulder and his head. When I initially read the article, it got under my skin. But, I decided it wasn't worthy of being commented on and so I let it pass. But, the more I've let it sink in, the more it has bothered me. This isn't news. This is someone trying to create a story in the clubhouse.

You know how I know it's not news? Look at the Sun Times Gordon Wittenmeyer's column from the same day. Same discussion of Z, no B.S. No mention of Z in the Daily Herald at all from that day. Two days later, the DH published an AP report that mentions that Z talked to reporters on Monday (two days later) and fails to mention any sort of blowup. If this was such a big issue, why did no one else mention it? Even if they weren't in the clubhouse at the time, they still would have plenty of people who witnessed it and could still write a story on it.

Moving past the newsworthiness of the story, does anyone care? We are 40 days from the start of the season. If Z's arm falls off, then I'm interested. If he had a bad day, I don't care. Should Z be getting all fired up 40 days out? Probably not. Does it have any effect on what will happen 40 day from now? No. So, what's the story here? Is Sullivan pissed because Z didn't give him the time of day? Is Sullivan using his "my employer doesn't own the Cubs anymore" card to do a 180 and see if he can create some tension in the clubhouse to try more interesting articles? Or was he just trying to stir up some controversy so TD would have something to write about? Probably the latter.

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