The Amish Rifle & Iron Micah

Posted by Jumbo on February 28, 2009.

How about a random collection of Cubs notes to start off the Saturday?...

The Amish Rifle's Beautiful Chin Music
I don't know whether in my entire life I've ever seen an uglier bit of facial hair than the disgusting bit of red shag carpeting hanging from Chad "The Amish Rifle" Gaudin's chin. This thing really puts the "Goat" in "Goateee". It makes Big Z's Cholo 'Stache look gooooood. Funny deal is that apparently Gaudin had a full beard until just before camp, which would mean dude's entire face looked like this a few weeks ago. If you have a pic of that-PLEASE share. On the upside, good thing Gaudin appears to be focusing solely on pitching this spring-he sure isn't spending any time thinking about getting laid.

The Next Great Nickname: "Iron" Micah Hoffpauir
Some good stuff by Gordon Wittenmeyer in his "Cubs Brief" this AM. While I'm talking Cubs pop culture instead of substance, let's get this bit in about The Hoff's new nickname. Iron Micah has a Catus League high 7 Ribs so far this spring-4 on "opening day's" Grand Slam, 3 yesterday on another moon shot. They've also had him playing in LF, DH, and 1B in the 3 games. I'm rooting for his guy this year. He's 29, yeah, and not really a prospect. But I think he has a chance to make a difference off the bench this year in a way that "professional pinch hitter" Daryl Ward never did. Not sure how he'll fare being used primarily as a pinch hitter/fill in player, but the guy has the ability to change the course of a game with one swing.

Encouraging Words on Cash
"He's got a very, very simple delivery, and he can duplicate his pitches,'' Piniella said. ''This kid's going to come very quick. He's not going to spend too much time in the minors.''

''Just from watching him pitch and throw you can't tell he's just a year out of college. I can't,'' Piniella said. ''He's right in that group that's been around baseball three, four years now, experience-wise, just looking at him -- the way he conducts himself. He's got good stuff, too. He's making a very good first impression.''

Great to hear these quotes on last year's 1st draft choice Andrew Cashner. If this kid can keep it up, he could make a difference come this fall. I know he's wanting to start, and the Cubs will work him as such, but these guys who were big time college relievers have the ability to progress quickly. If he can continue to impress, it'll be a huge boon to the Cubs 'pen later this year. Great to hear this.

The 3B Sitch
A couple developments to pass along as a follow up to last week's incredibly awesome Jumbo post about the backup 3B position-the Cubs, and 30 other teams, took a pass on suspect-prospect Andy Marte. Marte cleared waivers and will be seen roaming 3B for Triple A Columbus this year trying to figure out what the hell happened.

And the leader in the Cubs backup 3B race may prove to be a guy not even mentioned in the last post b/c I assumed he sucked so hard it wasn't even worth it. Apparently the 29 year old never-was NRI Luis Rivas, he of the career .257 BA, .780 OPS, and 1 game played at 3B, has been looking solid defensively at the hot corner in early spring action. Add 3 hits in 7 spring ABs and, ummmm boy, time to get excited. Or, not at all.

Enjoy the Sat.

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February 28, 2009 at 2:04 PM

I guess Jumbo filed his Sat. notes report a bit too early. The Cubs have agreed to terms with Corey Koskie, pending a physical. Since he's playing for Team Canada, I'm guessing he'll be able to pass the physical. Koskie will be 36 in June, and hasn't played since he bumped his noggin (causing a concussion) in July '06. As in, 2 and a half years ago. But Koskie was primarily a 3 sack in his good years with Minnesota and could fill that 25th spot as a backup 3 sack. But given that he won't be in camp for some time (after the WBC), he has to be considered a longshot. By the time he returns, Lou will have already seen the plethora of candidates in extended action. Maybe if he has a big WBC and the Cubs scouts bring back a favorable report, he'll have a shot. If not, he'll head to Iowa and hope to impress.