Mr. Deeds

Looks like the Craig Monroe deal has been completed with the naming of the PTBNL. Word is that the Cubs will receive Doug Deeds and a six pack of beer. Unfortunatley, I don't think the Cubs will really get the sixer, which is unfortunate because that probably would have been more valuable than Deeds.

Per the linked article above, Deeds is a re-tread AAA suspect (as opposed to prospect). Check out the comments section in that article-funny. Doesn't seem to provide much value for the Cubbies. The fact that Deeds isn't even in Baseball Prospectus' system does not bode well for a MLB future for Mr. Deeds.

No word yet on where Deeds will be headed, but my guess is that he'll be knee-deep in Iowa corn by tomorrow.

  • Yes, this does seem to be an odd acquisition. Usually when JH makes a trade for a PTBNL, it ends up being a Single A player, a guy who had a big year but then some injury issues, etc. I tried to understand this move, but can't come up with one. I originally thought that maybe the AAA squad was short on outfielders and they were close to moving Murton, leaving them to call up someone who wasn't ready to advance. But they have 5 on the roster (including the Big Murt) and have E-Pat who probably see's some time in the OF. And the OF they have fit all your needs...a AAAA-type of player like Josh Kroeger, a solid defensive player who doesn't have the stick in Sam Fuld, and "experienced" players in Andres Torres and Bobby Scales, who are each 30. That covers the whole gamut of AAA players. So, I just don't get it. I guess the thought is that he is only 26 (going on 27) and that maybe a change of scenery will return him to 2005 form (All Star). -Lionel

Jeff ND

Nothing major here, but I think this is something to note. Last night, pitching against the Jacksonville Suns, not only did Jeff Smarajjaidkaoazizzjjjaiaea run his '08 record to 2-0 in 2 games pitched (0.75 ERA, 12 IP, 6 K, 1 RA), but he beat "the next big thing" in pitching prospects-Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers system. I'm still not sure yet how good this kid is, or ever will be, but it seems like he's turning from a "thrower" to a "pitcher" before our eyes. We'll keep our eyes on him this year. Especially if he keeps his biceps greased up like he did in this Bo Knows Bo ripoff pic.
  • Another impressive farmer so far this year has been the Peoria Chief's Dae-Eun Rhee. He 2-0, having given up 1 run in 10 innings while striking out 12. He is in his first season of professional baseball, just turned 19, and is out of South Korea. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any pic's of him oiled up. -Lionel

So Long Sammy?

Apparently Slammin' Sammy So-so is finally coming to terms with the fact that he's reached the end of his cork-filled, juice-enchanced baseball road. Yes, Sammy is considering retirement. For some odd reason, no team sees it fit to hand over the 450 PAs and "significant money" he's seeking. Huh, who'd a thought.

Not sure about you guys, but I've always had mixed feelings towards Sammy. He was there us in the glorious pre-steriod/HGH controversy days when not much else was. I always enjoyed the way he came bombing out to greet the fans in the RF bleachers. And I could stomach his little kissy thing he always did for the cameras in the dugout after he hit a HR. But his ARod tendancy of hitting meaningless solo HRs in the bottom of the 8th when the Cubs were down by 7 always got to me. Then the cork thing came out. Then the juice allegations (or, juice certainty...check this out. Do you even recognize this kid?). Then his suddently frail grasp on the English language at the first round of Congressional steriods hearings. I don't know-there's just a lot not to like about the guy. Yet despite it all, he always remained "Sammy." I think there's something to be said for that. Happy trails So-so. It was fun while it lasted.
  • You know what really grinds my gears? The Red Sox invite Bill Buckner back 30 years after the fact (and 2 World Series after the fact), he gets a deserved standing O, and now everyone starts talking about how the Cubs should bring Bartman back or bring Sammy Sosa back. First of all, if the Curse of the Bambino was still alive, the Sawx fans would still hate you. Plus, it's been 30 years. All the Sawx fans who were around back then are dead or too old to care anymore.Let's look at bringing Bartman backfirst. OK, it sucks that you were held responsible for the Cubs implosion and knowledgable Cubs fans understand that there are plenty of other people to blame (Alex Gonzalez, Mark Prior, Dusty Baker, etc.). And it sucks that you had to go into hiding. I get all of that. But, you are a fan, just like the rest of us. To parade you out on the field and make a big deal out of it is ridiculous. What, am I supposed to applaud what you've been through? Applaud that whether Alou could've caught the ball or would've had too much piss on his hands, you interfered with it? Am I supposed to cheer and say "yeah, I'm sorry you had death threats sent to you and that everyone and their brother dressed up like you for Halloween that year." You don't matter to me. That was 5 years ago.As for el Samuel, I have the same mixed sack as Jumbo. I cheered for you because you wanted to win so badly to honor Harry. I cheered for you because I wanted you to beat that a-hole Big Mac. I cheered for you to go out the next year and the next year to beat his record. But, you made us all look like chumps. We were naive to believe that those records could be shattered by clean dudes. Then we learned about the corked bat, the boombox everyone hated, and how you had this sense of entitlement that you owned the locker room. That's why Kerry Wood had to smash your boombox. And then, to class it up, you "snuck" out of Wrigley field. Yet, because I once cheered for you, I am supposed to welcome you back with open arms? Ernie Banks may think he has that much pull, but he doesn't.So let's settle down on bringing either or these two back and hoping that the fans embrace them.And that, Diane, is what really grinds my gears. -Lionel

Cubs Recap: Cubs @ Pirates 4/10/08

Jon Lieber was dominating in his start. At least he would've been if he had started the game, instead of just essentially starting when he entered in the fourth inning. But I have to say the fact that Lieber came into the game in the fourth inning was perplexing. Yes, Hill had thrown 72 pitches and was inconsistent at best. But, the Cubs had won the first two games of the series and had a worn out bullpen from the night before. Is Lou's patience really that thin already?

On the batting side of things, I saw some good and some bad. Soto was on fire; let's hope we get to see Matt Morris several more times this year. He also showed that he is a 100% effort guy as he chugged around the bags. The big lift the Cubs got out of nowhere was lil' Mikey hitting an HR. I couldn't believe it. Lou's patience may be wearing thin, but inserting lil' Mikey in the lineup last night was gold.

What wasn't gold? Felix Pie's 2 AB's. In both situations, he had a chance to bring home some runners, and both times, he watched strike 3 flutter past (thanks to Matt Morris' 80 MPH pitching). After K number 2, I saw one of the oddest things I'd seen in a while (OK, so being a Cubs fan, not that long). Felix Pie, as he removed his shin guard, stared Matt Morris down as he walked to the dugout. What's your beef, Pie? Matt Morris show you up by throwing a giant curve ball that you watched float past and then walk to the dugout with his head down? I don't know if Lou saw it, but Mike Quade had to see it. I have to think his actions lead to his early shower time with Rich Hill. For someone who was Wednesday night's hero, he sure took a dive back yesterday. Let's hope that Lou had a nice little chat with Pie.

Wrigley Field Trough Dive

I have to get the Chocolate Rain taste out of my mouth. To do so...let's throw this classic Wrigley clip up.

How much do you think this kid got for this? Answer: Not near enough.

Non Cubs related Video

If you havent seen are missing out..totally not related to cubs but I have to share it.

Too high...what do you mean too high?

In today's mail bag the muskrat, along with a few chosen fans, discussed the songs that Kerry Wood should enter into the game with.
  • Steven from Lafayette, Ind (likely a Purdue fan and Lionel's fraternity brother) recommended songs from WWE...really? I didnt know the Cubs moved to the southside...

  • Paul E from Huntsville, Ala chose the song Woodchoppers Ball by Woody Herman...this stupid song doesnt even have words and is a "swing" style song...really paul? this is the best you could do?

  • John F. from Melbourne Fla got real creative and went with Another One Bites the Dust by Queen...atleast he didnt pick wild thing...

  • Ratlicious brought in a few songs and facts...apparently Denny K liks Knock on Wood by the Might Mighty Bosstones and entertaingly enough the Woodster could careless what song he get--> so far he has entered with T.N.T. and Welcome to the Jungle...both of which are strong choices but not creative enough for me

So what does Arthur think about this? You can't go wrong with this song.

woo woo and rejoicing

People don't understand what Wrigley field means to me. I can't explain it. When I make that noise, I'm rejoicing, it's a happiness. It's just a rejoicing, just like you're in heaven and it just comes out and you really want people to know that you're happy. - Ronnie "woo woo" Wickers

Cubs Recap: Cubs @ Pirates 4/9/08

Everyone seems to want to talk about this this morning. But I'm not fooled. I watched that AB-and the game Pie played up to that pitch after he took over as a defensive replacement for Reed Johnson in the 7th. He was bad. He wasn't the story.

No-what I want to talk about is what
should be the takeaway story of this game. Here it is: 7 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K. That's Ryan Dump...DEMPster's stat line from last night. Quite simply: kid looked good. Granted, the Pirates aren't the '27 Yankess, but he threw strikes all night (only 2 BBs, if memory serves the 1st was to the 2nd batter), struck a few guys out, and had his indistinguishable breaking stuff working.

My only beef: when did he pick up that huge tick with his glove? Right after he gets the sign he likes he does this glove flip that started bothering me after a while. If he's going to continue to throw up numbers like his has so far this season-I think I can stomach that, though.

I don't know how long Dempster will be able to keep this up...but I don't think it can be underestimated how beneficial he could be to this team if he can be relied on as a SP all year. Lilly hasn't looked good and I'm really not expecting him to do what he was able to do most of last year. Marquis is flat out awful. Hill is a bit of a question mark, but I think he'll come around. But most importantly having Dempster in the rotation has allowed us to keep Lieber in the 'pen where he is very valuable right now. Lieber is largely responsible for the Cubs' last extra inning win 2 nights ago with his effort in extra innings. Great to see Dempster performing well, and great to pull out a win even if the Cubs did almost let it get away last night.

Also deserving of mention was Soto's great slide breaking up the double play in Top 15 that extended the inning for Pie's "heroics" following the single by TheRiot, the wild pitch by Dumatrait, and the IBB to Soriano.

Ugly win. But great game for Dempster. Let's hope it becomes a habit.

Beer Prices Down

Binny's Beverage Depot announced today that it will be slashing prices from now 'til October, thanks in large part to their descreased need to donate money to JDRF. The news comes on the heels of the realization that Alfonso Soriano will continue to be the Cubs lead off hitter, meaning a decrease in Binny's charitable effort to donate $100 to JDRF for every game where the leadoff hitter gets a hit to start the game. At the press conference, Drinky McBeer of Binny's said "we waited to announce the news until we were sure that Lou wanted to keep Alfonso in the leadoff spot. Now that a week has passed, we feel confident that he is there to stay and we won't have to shell out a hundred bucks often, so we can afford to cut our prices."

Cubs Woo Towel Drills Woo Cubs Woo Halfnakedchicksinthebleachers WOO

"My grandma told me that sometimes you have to sacrifice for others like Jesus. I knew what she meant because it was just like that in baseball." - Ronnie "woo woo" Wickers

You know who sacrifices for others, Ronnie? Bleacher bums. Just like Jesus. Only Jesus didn't guzzle booze out of cups wedged between his breasts. At least I don't think he did. I don't know-I don't really "read" the Bible.

PS...this bozo has his own official website.

Opening Night Excitement

There was excitement in the air for opening night last night for a few teams. There was the excitement of the Red Sox getting their World Series rings and then beating the best lineup in the History of the World (for a 0-7 team). There was the last home opener for Shea Stadium, bringing a huge smile to Ronnie's face (and his still smoldering toupee). But the excitement may have been the highest in Tropicana Field, where the Rays opened their 11th Season of exciting Tampa Bay Baseball. The excitement was so fevered that they were able to sell out for the 9th time. That's right, 811 home games, 9 sellouts. For you stat nerds, like me, that's a whooping 1.11% of the time.

What the hell was Bud thinking when he decided to award a second franchise to Florida? Yeah, the Marlins don't sell out, so let's put another team in Florida. The Bluehairs are sure to come to Tropicana Field and watch hot Devil Ray action.

Fat Guy in Some Little Pants (II)

Maybe the Prince is going for the Bobby Hill look (no, not that Bobby Hill, this one)

Fat Guy in Some Little Pants

So I'm watching the Reds/Brewers game earlier tonight and what do I see? Prince Fielder's fat ass rocking the short pants. Now...I love me some knee-high pants. A lot of guys, like Soriano, look cool in them. (And if you really want to be cool in my book, rock the short pants and striped stirrups). But Prince Fielder...I mean...could he look any fatter? (Here's a "before" shot for comparison: Long pants)

I just heard the Reds broadcasters discussing this. Apparently it has something to do with him paying tribute to the Negro League players. I don't give a shit. Fix your pants fat ass. Bud Selig needs to step in here and institute a new rule. If you're North of 350 lbs, get some friggin' pants that fit.

What the hell is going on with the Brewers this year anyway? You've got this Fielder thing. Then there's this BS. If you're Mark Attanasio (the owner of the Brewers, apparently-i banker), and you're shelling out millions of dollars to these guys and they come out looking like hobos in dresses...wouldn't that piss you off? Me too.

Bells and Whistles

I have been asked by my fellow bloggers to make my postings sexier, bringing in all of you out there in cyberspace to our blog. Since there are so many of you, hanging on my every word, this is important to me, so here goes...

Sean Marshall's fiance is third from the left.

How do I know this? Check out

If I had someone remotely related to me who played baseball, they'd have a site just like this.

Thank God for an Off Day

Well, game number 7 is in the books and we FINALLY get a off day. Does anybody else feel like the Cubs have already played an entire season, or at least a solid month of games in September? We seriously don't have 155 more of these, do we? And that's just to get through the regular season.

It's only been a week, so it's hard to say what's working and what isn't but...

Working-Fukudome in every aspect of the game, Marmol, D-Lee's Bat, Zambrano, Dempster as a starter, the Bench.

Not Working-Soriano in any spot in the lineup, Ted Lilly, Scott Erye's bullpen spot, Bob Howry.

Fact of the day...Carlos Marmol has as many innings pitched as more than half the starting rotation. Thank God for an Off Day.

How long until Fuku punches Aram?

I would like to thank Jumbo for getting this thing together...
It is about time I can share your thoughts with the public.
I would like to think that I, Arthur, will contribute a lot of material to this but really I will be posting pictures and random anecdotes...

Opening Day:

So...we spend a lot of time screwing off at work writing insanely detailed emails regarding the Cubs. It's high time that we start putting these all in one place. For one, this should save our email inboxes from some serious damage. For another, a lot of these are pretty damn good and should be archived.

Since the inspiration for "Towel Drills" himself wasn't on board with setting up a "blog," I thought I'd do it for him. Call it a tribute blog. (Is that a Tlog?) A place for our Cubs rants and, I'm just guessing here because I've met all of us, a place for our rants on life in general.

Let the bitching begin.