Where Are They Going, Part II

So now that we know what the Cubs need, let's look at what the Cubs could trade to get some of those needs filled.

Pack Your Bags

Rich Hill-It appears that Rich Hill's career as a Chicago Cub is over. The man who finished fifth in K's in 2007 is out of options, meaning the Cubs have to have them on their 25 man roster Opening Day next year or he will be put on waivers. To me, that means the Cubs will have to move him this off-season to hopefully get something for him.

Sean Marshall-While Marshall pitched OK out of the 'pen last year, he's essentially become the Cubs top trading piece...a left-handed starter with major league experience. The rumored offer for Peavy has Marshall as the centerpiece. I'm not saying there isn't a chance Marshall is back, but he seems to have more value being traded than on the field, unless he is in the rotation.

Ready to Move, If Needed

Felix Pie-The organization has soured on him. If the Cubs acquire another OF, Pie is without a spot, unless they move Fukudome in a trade. In an ideal world, Fukudome would've been more consistent last year and Pie would've proved himself, making the Cubs need for left-handed hitters obsolete.

Mike Fontenot-Some scouts believe that lil Mikey has the ability to be a full time 2-sack. In a scenario that most Cubs fans would probably dread, the Cubs could make lil Mikey a full time 2-sack, with DeRo moving to Right full time.

Ronny Cedeno-Ronny C is another guy who some teams see as an everyday player. While that's hard for me to believe, I just need to think back to the time when the Cubs thought he was an everyday player. Ronny C hit .269 and stole 4 bags in limited action, so if he's an everday player, I guess teams are looking at his age (he turns 26 in February) as a sign he may get better.

Micah Hoffpauir-The Cubs would probably love to keep Hoff to fill the D-Ward spot...pinch hitter who can back up D.Lee and play right in a pinch, but the biggest question is whether he's suited to be a pinch hitter (he hit .231 in a pinch last year for the Cubs). If the Cubs surprise everyone by not making an acquisition, the 29 year old could be penciled in in right. His trade value is limited because of his age, but he's well suited to be a DH.

Jason Marquis-If Fukudome had hit a little better, Marquis would probably Public Enemy #1 this offseason. So Hendry will try to trade Marquis for the second year in a row. Marquis reversed roles between this year and last, ending this season strong...he was 5-2 in his last 8 starts. Whether Marquis is traded depends largely on what else the Cubs do with their rotation.

Relievers-Too many to write up individually, but the Cubs seem to have a plethora of young arms...Ascanio, Gaudin, Guzman, Hart, Wells.
Not Bloody Likely

Fukudome-Fuku still has 3 years left on his contract, so the chances of him being traded are slim, but the Cubs have at least had a few calls about him. Likely from teams looking to take a chance on him and hoping the Cubs will fork over a huge portion of the contract. With

Jeff ND-Samardzija's name has come up in discussions about Jake Peavy because, well, the Cubs have little else to trade. But Samardzija has a full no-trade clause in his contract. The only way the Cubs could get him to waive this is probably a contract extension and a promise from the new team that he gets to start. Even then, you have to get past the point that he grew up a Cubs fan and wants to stay in Chicago.

Rich Harden-Harden is on this list for the same reason Jeff ND is on this list...the Peavy trade rumors. I hate to say this, because I am a huge Harden fan, but this would seem to be the only way the Cubs could get a trade like this done. But the odd thing is that a Harden for Peavy trade doesn't do anything for the Cubs, except give them a guy with a longer contract. Peavy isn't a deep pitcher. He may be a little healthier pitcher, but he doesn't go deep into too many games. This trade also doesn't change the Cubs need for another starter.

Derrek Lee-I think we can put this one to bed before it even gets started. The only way the Cubs trade Derrek Lee is if they are getting one of the top 10 position players in the league in return. I'm not saying Lee is one of the top ten players, but I just don't see JH trading Lee for anything less than that.
The Lessor Knowns
For those who don't follow the Cubs minor league system closely, your immediate thought is probably "Let's trade our top prospects for Peavy!" Well, the Cubs system isn't deep thanks to a few trades and even more so because the Cubs haven't drafted or developed their system well. But there are a few names that warrant mentioning:
Mitch Atkins-Atkins was a 2 time minor league All Star before this year, but wasn't thought to be a big time prospect. But after going 9-6 with a 3.76 ERA in Tennessee, he went 8-1 with a 4.47 ERA in Iowa. He ended up with a 2.64 K/W ratio and if he is in the Cubs system come winter, he's likely to be named as one of the Cubs Top Ten prospects. Even better, he just turned 23 in October.
Welington Castillo-The Cubs Future's Game representative this year, Castillo's future with the Cubs seems to be blocked because he happens to play the same position as the new NL ROY. Castillo hit .287 among three stops in the minors and is thought to be one a solid defensive catcher. He's only 21, so there's no rush to trade him, but he's definitely a bargaining chip the Cubs have.
Tyler Colvin-If there's a minor leaguer known to Cubs fans, it's probably Colvin, the Cubs 1st round of 2006. There was even speculation that the Cubs wouldn't sign a RF to a long term contract, because Colvin was sprinting to the right field ivy by next spring. Well, the COlvin freight train slowed a little in 2008; he only hit .256 in Tennessee and seemed to struggle with the K for long portions of the season. He's probably still one of the top 2-3 prospects in the Cubs system and JH would be reluctant to get rid of him on a down note, but his offseason surgery means he's about 98% certain of being in the system come March.
Jose Ceda-If the Cubs were to move a top prospect, my guess would be that Ceda would be the most coveted. Ceda started the year as a starter, more to develop his arm than as a long term starter. He threw a couple of games of relief for Daytona before being promoted to Tennessee. At Tennessee, he went 2-1 with a 2.08 ERA and 9 saves. He struck out 42 in 30 and 1/3 innings while walking only 14. The 22 year old, who stands 6-4, 275, is projected as a closer and while teams usually look to acquire starting pitching, his numbers certainly make him more attractive.

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