The Lukewarm Stove

With the always-exciting GM meeting taking place, it is time to start listing and commenting on the rumors that will fill the baseball's fans wet dreams for the next two months. And when I heard some fan on radio suggest that the Cubs could trade Derrek Lee to the Padres for Jake Peavy, I knew the absurd hot stove would be lit:

The aforementioned Peavy is at the center of it all right now. The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that the Cubs are one of three teams that match the Padres need. Huh? How do they match? Does anyone see a match? The Chicago Tribune doesn't.

So who does the Tribune see the Cubs possibly pursuing? Well, old guys. For one, they think the Cubs may pursue Bobby Abreu. He's . There's also Derek Lowe, the 35 year old who. Raul Ibanez was mentioned in another article.

The other newspapers in the city? Well, the Sun-Times seems to be holding out hope that the Cubs will somehow find the financial ability to outbid all the other teams in MLB and land CC Sabathia. A.J. Burnett, Raul Ibanez, and Brian Roberts are also named by the Sun-Times. And the Daily-Herald, which has this good article on the current FA's were played for the Chicago National League Ballclub in 2008.

The L.A. Times is reporting that the Cubs have at least had discussions with free agent Rafael Furcal. Many will remember that Furcal spurned the Cubs four years ago when he elected to sign with the Dodgers.

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