Wrigley Field...it is time

For those of you that follow Arthur you know that I am not one to provide detail stats of errors, hits etc. I like to write from the hip. With emotion that is often in the comedic space or atleast an attempt at comedy. Well there is no comedy here. Just my early morning thoughts after a night of ball busting. I feel like a 15yr old who just had his first jean on jean grind---my nuts heart and I still think I can get in her pants.

Well as all of you readers know...Lionel, Jumbo and myself are diehard Cubs fans. Even with the loss last night and the impossible task at hand I will still watch the game on Saturday with my hat on. Why? that's what the real Cubs fans do.

You dont cry when you lose...you get pissed. You dont get upset when you lose...you get frustrated with poor defense. You dont get mad at your neighbor who is a Sox fan when you lose...you still talk sh*t back.

To my dad who is a 70yr old Cubs fan and to my nephew who is a 7yr old Cubs fan. Keep on keeping on. It is times like these that real fans are seperated from the "poser" and "band wagon" fans...we keep going. To all of you bandwagon fans...thanks for stealing my seat at the game.

We honestly believe that there is a minute chance that we can come back and play game 5. Why? I dont know why...we just do.

I do have one recommendation that I dont think will have high acceptance with Lionel or Jumbo...I am ready. I am ready for the new owner...I have my secret hopes of who it will be because I am now ready for a new stadium. I am ready for some sort of fresh start some sort of acceptance that 100 years are over and that it is time for the next 100 years.

Obviously this post will be obsolete if we come back for game 5. But as of this morning at 8:12am...I am ready for something new...a spark that Lou, Lee, Z, DeRo, Glass-Ego cant bring. I attend 15+ games a year. I am ready to attend them in luxury and comfort.

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