Williamsport Looking Like a Longshot

"No Pizza Hut, again." That's what I was thinking after I watched the Cubs from Chicago, Illinois take another loss last night, dimming their hopes of playing in the Little League World Series. But the thing I was most surprised about was to see a regional LLWS game was being televised, although it was TBS.

Wait, that was the Chicago Cubs, as in the Chicago National League Ballclub, I was watching last night? Because I could've swore they were Little Leaguers the way they were kicking the ball around. I mean, I remember Little League. You booted a ball because you were thinking about how ugly that girl down the street was (even though you liked her), what a great trade you made with that dorky kid to get his Ryne Sandberg baseball card while giving up your Dickie Noles card and the stick of rock hard gum, or how you were tired of getting yelled at because you sucked at baseball. The worst part was, after you booted the first ball, your concentration was even more divided, because you were looking at your coach screaming his head off at you and lo and behold, the next friggin ball went right through your legs.
That's what it looked like last night. It looked like a lack of concentration. Why would the infield's concentration be divided? Because they were all concerned about Zambrano. We were all concerned about Zambrano. The media was concerned about Zambrano. Larry Rothschild hasn't run out to the mound that fast all season, so he was concerned about Zambrano.
Personally, I think the build up to "What Z will we see?" creeped into the minds of the infield last night. After The Riot failed to grab that ball, every camera and every eye turned to see Zambrano's reaction. That included the Cubs infield. The rest is history.

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