This Chick is F@#*n Steve Bartman

TD World Headquarters received an email today with a video by a Cubs fan named Sarah Spain. Some of you may remember Sarah as the enterprising Bears fan that auctioned herself off as a date to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago in exchange for tickets. Looks like Ms. Spain has now parlayed that stunt into a budding sports media career. Good for her. And judging by this video, good for us.

Now, to fully appreciate this thing may have to do a little homework. If you haven't seen the "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" and counter-punch "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" videos with Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman from Kimmel's show, click on those links and go check them out. If you have seen them-watch them again. Hilarious. Here's Sarah Spain's take...enjoy:

Hey...somebody's gotta f@#* Bartman, right?

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