So it has been almost 36 hours since the end of the season for the 2008 Chicago Cubs...and my feelings? WOW. When I look back on the season and see all the moves made by management, the excellent play of some average baseball players you wonder how something like this can happen. But like waking up on Sunday morning to a not so wonderful friend next move on and hope to never see that person walking down the street. You wash your sheets, pour some hydrogen peroxide on some key parts, wash your mouth out...and take 2 tyenols. That is what I intend to do with the 2008 Cubs...SANS the hydrogen peroxide.

You hope to never see:

- poor play

- lack of enthusiasm

- lack of urgency

- lack of sprinting speed

- just general lack of ability

On a side note...several cubs fans have rumored to have sighted Mark Cuban on thursday at the game. He was SANS any security and was trying to get the boring fans excited about the game. He was then sighted out at bars...

Finally...Where was reed johnson and what the hell is fukodome's problem?

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October 6, 2008 at 10:37 AM

Arthur, you still need that peroxide, buddy. Or maybe some shampoo and one of those little combs.

As for ReJo, he was missing from the series because he bats from the right-side of the plate. Given that the other Cubs right-handed hitters couldn't produce anything, I think Lou didn't want to put another rightie out there. Which is too bad, in my opinion, because I always thought he was a spark plug for the Cubs.