Cubs Lose Again-It's Over

Top 2. After the Cubs fail to score Alfonso Soriano after his leadoff single, (his only hit of the series) Carlos Zambrano gives up back to back singles to start the inning. Eithier on 3rd. Loney on 2nd. Z strikes out Zambrano. 1 down. All we need is a double play ball. Z gets Blake DeWitt to hit a soft, tailor made double play ball to Cubs 2B Mark DeRosa. DeRosa shits the bed (see above). Steam starts coming out of Zambrano's ears. Next batter, Casey Blake. Sharp liner to DLee. E 3. Rafael Furcal single. Russell Martin bases clearing double. 100 years of history crushing the shoulders of every fan, player, and coach wearing blue. I get sick to my stomach.

Series over.

Divisional Series 2008 Team Scoring
Los Angeles Dodgers-17
Chicago Cubs-5

Divisional Series 2008 Team Errors
Los Angeles Dodgers-1
Chicago Cubs-5

Divisional Series 2008 Chicago Cubs Hitting
Alfonso Soriano CHCLF29010000030.111
Ryan Theriot CHCSS28020000020.250
Mark DeRosa CHC2B28242014000.500
Aramis Ramirez CHC3B28121000010.250
Kosuke Fukudome CHCRF28000000040.000
Jim Edmonds CHCCF27121001010.286
Derrek Lee CHC1B27131000110.429
Geovany Soto CHCC27010000120.143
Daryle Ward CHC1B22000000010.000
Ryan Dempster CHCP12010000010.500
Mike Fontenot CHC2B22010000000.500
Carlos Zambrano CHCP11000000100.000

Divisional Series 2008 Chicago Cubs Pitching
Carlos Zambrano CHC014.26110006.167327
Ryan Dempster CHC017.71110004.244472
Sean Marshall CHC003.86100002.111114
Carlos Marmol CHC0018.00100001.032202
Jason Marquis CHC009.00100001.011101
Jeff Samardzija CHC009.00100001.021100
Kerry Wood CHC000.00100001.021000
Neal Cotts CHC000.00100000.210010

There is no next year. There never will be.

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October 3, 2008 at 9:43 AM

Jumbo, I was surprised that you didn't mention The Riot's play that occurred two batters earlier. And since your office is at the other end of TD World HQ, I thought I would just responded in the public forum.

After Ethier singled to start the inning, Torre put on the hit and run with Loney. Loney hit the ball to short, the spot vacated by The Riot, who was covering second. The Riot made an attempt to barehand the ball, which failed, allowing Ethier to get to third and Loney to get on base.

But did The Riot need to attempt to barehand the ball? From the replays I saw, it looked like he could've had a shot at backhanding the ball. I don't know if that would've impacted the inning in any different fashion, but you would've had first and second instead of first and third, or possibly 1 out with a runner on second, if he could've corraled his momentum.

I don't fault The Riot for the play, as he was moving away from the play as the ball was hit an then moving away from first as he tried to glove the ball. I just wonder if knocking the ball down would've changed the outcome.