Cubs Lineup for Game #1

While Joe Torre had his lineup set early this morning, Lou's lineup remained a secret until mid-afternoon. And it's not the usual lineup:

1. Alfonso Soriano, LF-I recently heard a story that a relatively famous manager (who's name has failed me) said that he loved to have a power hitter lead off, because there was nothing more devastating than going down 1-0 when the second batter came to the plate. Well, Sori certinaly fits that bill. Soriano hit 5 HR's to start a game this year and has 49 in total. Those of us who miserably watched Game 1 of the NLDS last year inside Wrigley felt the air go out of the stadium when Chris Young went deep to start the ball game.
2. Kosuke Fukudome, RF-No, that's not a typo. Lou has re-inserted Fukudome in the #2 spot for tonight's game. Lou must not be looking at the stats I am looking at, because the #2 hole was Fukudome's worst spot this year. He had 89 plate appearances and hit .154. But I'm guessing that Lou wants a guy at the top of the order who will be patient, taking pitches and allowing things to slow down a little. It's an interesting move, let's hope it works.
Derrek Lee, 1B-Things are back to normal after Fukudome, as Lee is hitting third. Lee batted all of two times in the fourth hole all season and batted nowhere else. Hopefully, he will get off to a good start, as he hit .325 with a .377 OBP in the 1st inning this year. Lee lead the team with 4 hits in last year's NLDS.
Aramis Ramirez, 3B-Aramis comes into the playoffs on a hot streak, hitting .342 for the month, including .393 in the last two weeks. Aramis and Soriano are the two guys who can carry this club; let's hope that Ramirez gets off to a hot start. Last year, he got the big O'fer in 12 AB's against the D-Backs in the playoffs, with 5 K's.
Geovany Soto, C-The youngest starter in the Cubs lineup is the same age or older than roughly half the guys starting for the Dodgers. The thing to watch with Soto is whether he has any lingering effects of that hand injury. He only has 14 AB's in the last 14 days.
Jim Edmonds, CF-Unless there was a righty who destroyed left-handed pitching, you had to figure that the guy with the most playoff experience on the team was going to start in Game 1. Edmonds actually fell 1 HR short of adding to the nearly entire starting lineup of guys with 20 HR's. His .256 BA with the Cubs isn't anything outstanding, but he managed a Fukudome-esque .369 OBP.
Mark DeRosa, 2B-Despite the calf injury, DeRo says he's good to go. Not that that should surprise anyone, as DeRo is a gamer. DeRo is another one to watch to see if he has any rust, playing in only one game in the past week. DeRo managed 25 RBI's in 44 games batting in the 7 hole.
Ryan Theriot, SS-The Riot is hitting double leadoff, except the Cubs use the traditional double leadoff spot in the 8 hole. The Riot went on a tear the last week of the season to protect his .300 season, ending at .307. While only playing a handful (16) of games in the 8 hole, The Riot batted .345 with a .446 OBP. Hopefully, he can set the table for some Sori RBI chances tonight.

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