The Matchup: Part II

Now that we've seen who hits well for the Cubs, let's look at who hits well against the Cubs.

Consistently Good against the Cubs:

Russell Martin-Martin hit .381 this year against the Cubs, and is a .333 hitter for his career against them. He hits well at Wrigley (.353) and has crushed Zambrano in his career (8 hits in 13 AB's).

Jeff Kent-I have always despised Jeff Kent...I don't know if it's the comparisons to Ryne Sandberg or what, but there's a new reason to hate him. He has hit .421 this year against the Cubs, including 2 HR's. In 31 AB's against Wood, he is hitting .419 with 5 HR's and 14 RBI's. He's hit Marquis well with a .364 average. He is also 3 for 4 against Howry.

Andre Eithier-Eithier hit .348 this year, helping his career numbers to .306 against the Cubs and .310 at Wrigley. He hits the Cubs starters hard; .462 against Zambrano, .455 against Dempster.

Good Against Certain Pitchers

Juan Pierre v. Ryan Dempster or Ted Lilly-Pierre is only a career .217 hitters against the Cubs, but has hit Dempster and Lilly well. He is 4 for 9 against Lilly, while hitting .417 against Dempster.

Manny Ramirez v. Chad Gaudin-If Gaudin makes the team, I don't expect to see a Manny v. Gaudin matchup. Manny has taken Gaudin deep twice and is hitting .455 against him.

James Loney v. Jason Marquis-Loney may be a relative newbie, but he has seen Jason Marquis 5 times and has 3 hits against him, one leaving the yard.


Generally, the Dodgers numbers are better than the Cubs numbers, although with the Dodgers young team, sample size is an issue. It will be key for the Cubs to keep Eithier off the basepaths, which could be a struggle with the way he's hitting Cubs pitching. Kent has some good numbers, but he has feasted on guys who will be coming out of the 'pen for the Cubs.

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