Brue Miles & His Trendy New Fangled Stats

Sorry about the quality of this picture of Daily Herald columnist Bruce Miles. Apparently none of his photos from his modeling days are available on the interwebs.

I caught this post from Miles's excellent Chicago's Inside Pitch blog this morning. It's both fairly amusing and has some good info.

First-it's funny (well, to me at least) how uncomfortable The Bruce is rapping VORP-otic about some of the more advanced baseball analysis metrics. Miles describes VORP as a "trendy stat." The stat has been around regularly since at least 2001 and is pretty standard stuff these days. But whatever, Bruce. The whole tone of the post is pretty funny how he tries to reconcile with himself that baseball analysis has moved past a lot of the empty stats like RBIs and BA. (If you yourself are not quite up on your VORP-hit this up for a quick primer and check out the Baseball Prospectus links for more).

Second-the info comes in the form on updates on Jeff Samardzija and Kosuke Fukudome. Not only are both of their names hard to spell, neither of them have been producing very well of late. Hit the post for the numbers.

Oh...and don't miss the shout out Bruce Bruce gives to Towel Drills at the end of the first full paragraph. (OK-maybe not quite). But hey...Towel Drills was on Deadspin the other day! (Check it out!)

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