Wrigley Fields...Yes the person not the stadium

The Seattle Times reports the following:

Years before 7-year-old Wrigley was born, his father Jerry Fields says he'd already decided what he'd do. Coming from a family of Cubs fans and with his particular last name, he decided to name his first son after the Friendly Confines.
Little Wrigley Fields will meet his destiny on Aug. 29 at a Cubs home game against the Philadelphia Phillies when he'll throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field.
His mother, Kathy, says she mentioned Wrigley's name in front of a former Cubs official, who promised her Wrigley would get to throw out the first pitch.
Kathy said when Jerry first told her he wanted to name his first son Wrigley, she initially thought he was joking. But Jerry later stood firm when they found out they were having a boy.

As great of a name as "Wrigley Fields" is for a person let's leave the name Wrigley for gums, stadium and Dogs. I feel bad to what will happen to this young man as he grows up...

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