Minor League Movers


The I-Cubs received a boost to their beleaguered bullpen on Sunday when Angel Guzman reported from Tennessee to Iowa on his rehab. Guzman, the Cubs top prospect in 2003 (according to Baseball America) has battled a series of injuries that would be a surprise to anyone but a Cubs fan. Guzman threw 3 innings on Sunday, giving up a hit and a walk while striking out 3.


No Moves


Billy Muldowney (8th round, 2006) was sent to the D.L. this week. Muldowney has had a solid season, going 6-3 with a 2.85 ERA between Daytona and Peoria this week, including a 1.13 in his last 3 starts. Leo Perez, the pitcher turned catcher turned coach, was once again activated.


The Chiefs swapped OF's on Thursday, sending Cliff Andersen to the D.L. and activating Dylan Johnston from the D.L. Anderson, a 9th round pick in 2006, was suffering from a strained left calf muscle. Johnston, a 4th rounder from '05, had been hitting .299 in the 44 games prior to his injury, after a slow start to the season. He's still managed to hit 11 HR's in only 66 games for the Chiefs this year.


No Moves

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