Mark Cuban: Cuban bowls with the team...

Yesterday, August 6, 2008, was Kerry Woods' annual charity bowling tournament. This year proceeds went to the Organic School Project (an organization who I ironically provided free legal services to for the first 2 years of my career). All the usual Cubs suspects were there: Lee, Soto, Cuban. WHAT??? CUBAN?

Yes that is right Mark "The Cub" Cuban. The USA Today article has Mark saying that "[t]he Cubs have got smart, smart people here. I mean they're winning, they're doing great things, I'll just stay out of the way," Cuban said. "Believe it or not, I can stay out of the way."

He went on to state that "[r]ight now I'm just a fan, supporting a great organization, and that's why I'm here," Cuban said.
Oh and don't worry about Kerry's hand... After Wednesday's Cub victory over the Stros, Wood said he would be bowling left-handed. "I've bowled a couple of times lefty," he said. "I'm not as good left-handed, but I can make it down the lane."

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