Cubs - Cardinals...Man I hate St. Louis

That title is almost true. There are times that I root for the Cardinals. For example when they are playing the Brewers.

After a much needed day off today, the Cubs begin a simple series with the Cardinals. I call it simple because we seem to be running on 10 of the 12 cylinders that we have in the engine. Yea that's right I just said we have a V12 engine. I am not one to worry about global warming...well atleast I am not going to stop driving my V12s.

So here are the 12 cylinders and the 10 that we be running (these are my points and not that of the entire TD Staff):
  1. Defense - Running
  2. Clutch Hitting - Running
  3. Small Ball - Running
  4. Starting Pitching - Running
  5. Manager - Running
  6. Co-Managers - Running
  7. Fans - Running
  8. Leadership - Running
  9. Emotion/Drive - Running
  10. Depth - Running
  11. Schedule - Walking/Jogging
  12. Bullpen - Walking

Yes it is true that the last 10+ games the Cubs have put up some great numbers and most likely should continue it thru the rest of August due to our "at-home" schedule. Here are a few schedule notes (i hope i did my math right):

August (the remainder): 13 of 22 at home games, 9 of 22 against the NL Central

September: 9 of 25 at home games, 21 of 25 against the NL Central and 12 of 25 against the Brew/Cards.

That makes the month of August very important. Not only is it my birthday but it is also a month to pull away and to create a great cushion between us and the Brew/Cards.

Some TowelDrills staff and fans will be at the game this Saturday rooting for the Cubs to put a hurt on the Cards. There isnt a player on that team that I enjoy watching play baseball except maybe Pujols and Ankiel...but let's get real here. They have an arch and it makes no sense...

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