Coach Geo Keeps the Staff in Line

Most people are familiar with Geo's hitting prowess (currently .275 with 17 HR's). But today, Geo's work behind the dish was a huge factor in the game. First, following the 31 pitch second inning, the cameras caught Soto talking to Lilly all the way into the dugout. Lilly would respond by throwing 3 and 1/3 scoreless after that discussion.

In the ninth, Marmol seemed to have everything wrapped up with two quick outs, but then gave up a walk. Luis Rivas got to a 1-2 count before Marmol started overthrowing his slider. Although Geo didn't go out to the mound, he motioned from behind the plate that Marmol's shoulder was flying open. A few pitches later, Marmol had the K and the Cubs had the W.
The Cubs have a great pitching staff, but Geo's ability to be a coach on the field is one of the most underrated aspects of the Cubs success this year.

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