Why did we trade for this guy? He can't win a game...

Rich Harden has had two tries to get a win for the Chicago Cubs. Both times, he's failed. Last night, he lost an important game against a division leader while the two second place teams beat each other up. Is he ever going to help the Cubs?

Alright, enough being a smartass. Rich Harden's numbers have been ridiculous for the Cubs. While some of these numbers were mentioned during the broadcast last night, I thought I would give a summary of what his numbers have been with two games completed.

  • 12 and 1/3 innings pitched
  • 6 hits, 5 walks (good for a WHIP of 0.89)
  • One earned run (0.73 ERA)
  • 20 strikeouts (1.6 batters/inning)
  • .140 opponent's BA.

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