Towel Drills: From the Bleachers

As mentioned earlier, the TD staff recently attended the weekend series agains the Giants. We sat in the Left Field Bleachers and enjoyed a gorgeous day with no clouds. Although the Cubs lost to the Giants, we were fortunate enough to sit behind the greatest dude.

I kid. This guy was a complete idiot. He scared the kid that sat next to me. He shouted nonsense on to the field. He drank a crap load of beer. He sounded as though he failed to pass 4th grade...

You know what? Here is a video of him and you can judge:

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July 17, 2008 at 9:46 PM

The important thing to notice in this video is that when this douche bag is yelling....NOBODY else around him is yelling. Everyone else is chillin', this moron is screaming at the top of his puny lungs "Lewis is a looooooooosser. Lewis stands for loooooooooosssser." C'mon buddy. Be better than that.