Steve Bartman - the $25,000 Man

In a press release issued yesterday, offered one of Chicago Cubs most hated fans $25,000 for one autograph. announced yesterday that a briefcase filled with 250 $100 bills is being offered to Steve Bartman on "Redemption-Reward Thursday" at the annual sports collectibles convention.

Since the infamous catch/non-catch Bartman has been in hiding and rightfully so. I know plenty of guys that would like to give him a piece of their minds. However, has assured Bartman that they "have personal security to provide to [him]..." The photograph that The National organizers want Bartman to sign is, of course, the infamous image from Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series against the Florida Marlins.

Suprisingly if the Bart-Man accepts the offer he will be a top the list for paid autographs...right above:
- the Babe: $10k
- Jordan: $2,500
- Mantle: $1,000
- Arthur: $250
- Jumbo: $225
- Lionel: $150
My take on this: Great publicity stunt for Not only did the Towel Drills staff get an email about this but I heard about this pay-day for the Bart-Man on the news this morning. If can't increase sales after this...They should really notify me. I can consult them to higher profits.
AS I WAS WRITING THIS: Bartman turned down the $25k for autograph. Bartman friend Frank Murtha says that Bartman won't accept an offer of $25,000.
Really I just wanted a reason to post this:

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