Rich Hill, Injury updates, Sean Marshall and Ted Lilly's new hat

Couple notes here for your Wednesday AM:
  • An average start for Rich Hill in 2007 with the Chicago Cubs: 6+IP, 2.66 earned runs allowed, 5.72 Ks, 1.97 BBs. Rich Hill's start on Tuesday, in Arizona, pitching for the Arizona Cubs of the Rookie League: 1/3 IP, 4 earned runs allowed, 0 Ks, 3 BBs, 1 HBP. It is unbelievable to me how far Rich Hill has fallen in such a short time. The guy's got a major case of the yips. His struggles are causing the Cubs to likely make a move for a SP that they may not have had to do otherwise and is destroying any trade value he might have had. If you can't get through more than 1 out in Rookie Ball after having the MLB experience he has, I'm thinking no MLB team is going to see you as an option for its rotation. Now the Cubs are looking like they're going to shut him down for an indeterminate amount of time, basically, so he can get his head out of his ass. Somebody send an entire gaggle of sports psychiatrists for this guy. Quick.
  • The Cubs went 17-9 in April. Then 18-11 in May. And now 15-12 in June. We're now 4-6 in the last 10, and 2-6 in our last 8. Yeah, you can say we're cooling off. But no Soriano, no Zambrano, no Reed Johnson, and now now Aramis Ramirez is certainly making a difference.
  • But help is on the way. Carlos Zambrano is scheduled to make a start in St. Louis on Friday. Alfonso Soriano is on track to be back for the All-Star Game (he's flying from San Francisco to Chicago on Thursday for x-rays and is expected to begin taking BP this weekend in St. Louis). And ReJo will come off the DL tomorrow, just in time to spell an ailing Jim Edmonds.
  • Sean Marshall will in fact be getting a start this weekend against the Cardinals. Lou now says he'll throw Marshall and Ted Lilly, in either order, on Saturday or Sunday after originally indicating Marshall wouldn't start until after Monday's off day. Lou says the Cards are better against righties so he wanted to go with another lefty. This move will push Jason Marquis' start back. With how good Marquis has pitched on the road, I'm not sure plugging Marshall in here is the bst idea. Just another example of managers overplying handedness matchups in baseball today.

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