Lou Pinella Gets Tossed

The Cubs skid is over, with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. OK, so the game is still going, the Cubs are still tied, but essentially, it's over. Lou gets tossed on a close play and won't leave the field until he's yelled at nearly every ump? Hmmmm...we're just short of dirt-kicking and the play being on the third base side.

I am about 75% sure this was a pre-meditated move. Not that you can force a close play, but I have a inkling that this play was meant to fire up his team, the crowd, everyone. Hell, I'm fired up right now. Let's hope it has the same magic it did last year.

On a side note, Rob Drake looks like the kind of ump who tosses a lot of people. I can't find a picture with his hair grown out, which adds to his cockiness in my opinion. According to this forum, Drake had 35 ejections up through June. Add Ozzie's ejection last week, Sinatro and Lou today, that would be 38 for Drake. That includes a '05 ejection of Todd Hollandsworth.

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