Khalil Greene?, What's Eating Carlos Marmol, Rich Hill & Beat Writers Mailing it In

Yeah, this picture doesn't make a lot of sense except for the fact that the game is in New York (gee, have you heard...this is the last year for Yankee Stadium!!!). But it looks cool. I'll admit it though-I'm more interested in this year's All Star game than I have been in a long, long time. Few quick links as I sit here dreaming that the results of tonight's game will actually matter to me...
  • First up, a quick trade rumor to pass along. The Cubs may, or may not, be allegedly kinda sorta interested in San Diego Padres's SS Khalil Greene. The San Diego Union Tribune ran an article yesterday stating that the Cubs had inquired about Greene. However, the article was yanked off the site that evening. Something going on or did the Union Tribune's man simply run with some bad info? (Not that a legit reporter would ever do that, right?
  • We all saw Carlos Marmol blow up last Saturday. Wasn't pretty. But what's going on with Marmol? Is it fatigue? Has he gone "Rich Hill" on us? Something else? Any Cub fan has to be at least somewhat concerned about what we'll get from Marmol in the 2nd half of the season. Hardball Times has this great and extremely detailed look at Marmol this year that tracks and analyzes Marmol's stuff, including speed and movement on his pitches, across the year to see what's up. A taste of their conclusion:
    Marmol began the year on fire and had a terrific April and May thanks to incredible speed and movement on his fastball and his electric slider. As the calendar turned to June, Marmol's stuff began to slip and he paid the price. While his slider appears to have regained form, his fastball still isn't back. While a much straighter 95 mph fastball still is an effective pitch, it isn't anything like what he was throwing previously.

    I don't expect Marmol to regain the elite fastball the rest of the year because he didn't seem to regain it after a light June and it isn't likely he will have more rest than that from here on out. He is going to have to learn to get big league hitters out with just a very good fastball. Obviously that can be done, but it will be a transition for him. Expect his strikeout rate to drop back down closer to 10 per nine innings than the 13 he has posted.
  • Here's an encouraging Rich Hill update from The Cub Reporter. A sample of the good news:
    Coupled with his previous outing last Sunday when he worked four innings of one hit ball with six K, Hill has now gone 9 IP, 4 H, 1 R (1 ER), 2 BB and 11 K over his last two outings since modifying his delivery under the auspices of Cubs Minor League Pitching Coordinator Mark Riggins and AZL Cubs Pitching Coach Rick Tronerud.
  • It's All Star break review time for the Daily Herald who has a couple article ups that look back at the Cubs' first half. First up is Bruce Miles's "Five things we should have known about the Cubs" that takes a look back at the major questions facing the club during spring training. Amazing to think where this team was and where it is now. For instance, sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley on Sunday, I was thinking about how if you told me in spring training that the starting OF I would see on the field would be Mark DeRosa in RF, ex-Cardinal Jim Edmonds in CF, and Blue Jay castoff Reed Johnson in left, I'm pretty sure I would not have thought that the Cubs would have the best record in the NL at that point.
  • Next up, Bruce takes a look at the things that most didn't see coming this year for the Cubs in an article titled "Some odd things that have happened to the Cubs" Yeah, I'm pretty sure Brucer is completely mailing it in right now.

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