Cubs ready to call up Jason Dubois?

Rumor has it that the Cubs might be ready to purchase the contract of the greatest minor leaguer since Crash Davis, Jason Dubois. Let's look at why the Cubs would make such a move. At the current time, the Cubs have 3 OF's on their 25 man roster...ReJo, Edmonds, and Fuku. Yes, DeRo plays in the OF regularly and D-Ward could chug around the grass if needed, and I guess Ronny C would be the emergency OF, but the need is definitely there for a true fifth OF. The other options on the 40 man roster aren't too promising, except Micah Hoffpauir, but the Cubs feel that he is essentially Daryle Ward. Sam Fuld is hitting .249 at Tennessee, Jake Fox is at .268. The Cubs aren't going to touch Felix Pie for now. And that's it for guys who could play OF. So that leaves the open spot on the 40 man roster.

But why Dubois? Well, he hit 3 HR's last night. But one night doesn't make the man. But over the last 10 games, he has hit safely in 9 of them (he didn't get a hit as a pinch hitter in the first game of last night's doublheader at Iowa). Over the last 10, he's hitting .469 with 8 HR's, 14 RBI's and 14 runs. Needless to say, he's hot (it may be the Giambi-esque mustache). But the best part about purchasing Dubois' contract? When Sori comes back from the D.L., you can put him on waivers without losing much. If he gets picked up by another team, what have the Cubs really lost? A guy they gave a shot to a month and a half ago because they needed some emergency OF depth? If he clears, you can send him back to AAA and he can continue to amaze people at how well he can hit AAA pitching.

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