Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors - Deadline Day

Couple new names to throw at you this morning on the Cubs rumor front. CBS's Scott Miller is reporting that the club has acquired about Kansas City's David DeJesus and San Diego's Brian Giles. Towel Drills previously took a closer look David DeJesus, but this Brian Giles rumor is a new one.

Giles is a lefty, but he's 37 years old and clearly on a steep decline. Giles is hitting .293/.389/.415 on the year with only 5 HR in 369 AB. Giles creates the same problem as Raul Ibanez in that he's a RFer that would require Kosuke Fukudome to move to CF full time. Giles is probably better than Jim Edmonds, but by how much?

DeJesus, conversely, is only 28, plays CF, and is under contract. He'll cost more, but provides both a short and great longer term solution at CF that Giles and Ibanez do not. Go get 'em Jimbo.

9:37 AM CST UPDATE: The Red Sox have shown some interest in Scott Erye, preferring him to Will Ohman.

10:42 AM CST UPDATE: With Ken Griffey Jr. reportedly approving a trade from the Reds to the South Side, presumably the Reds are a worse team. That helps the Cards and Brew-Crew, who each have 9 games left with Cincinnati, while the Cubs have only 6. Probably doesn't have a huge impact, but that could mean a game somewhere.

1:45 PM CST UPDATE: With just over an hour to go before the bell tolls, the Cubs don't appear to adding any depth. The only rumor still swirling is that the Cubs are looking to trade Scott Erye. While the Red Sox are interested, rumors have also surfaced that the Yankees may be looking at Erye. If the Cubs are content on trading him, a bidding war between the two could result, although Erye isn't likely commanding a top prospect return.

The Raul Ibanez rumors have fizzled and it now appears that the Blue Jays are the team most likely to land him, if he is moved, despite being 6 1/2 games out of the wild card race.

1:59 PM CST UPDATE: I guess the rumor mill hasn't quite yet been shut down. According to random reports, the Cubs have inquired about acquiring Milton Bradley (no, Sam Zell isn't looking to acquire the board game company). The Rangers, out of the divisional race but only 4 1/2 out of the wild card, have said they aren't interested in moving Bradley.

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July 31, 2008 at 9:41 AM

Honestly, I kind of like the lineups we've been running out there of late.
Against lefties: Reed in Center, Kouske in right, DeRo at 2nd.
Against righties: Kouske in center, DeRo in right, Mighty Mouse at 2nd.

Getting TheJesus would be great, but if we have to give up too much to get him, I'd go with these 2 lineups and occasionally throw Edmonds out there.

- Correll