Chicago Cubs Key to Second Half Success

Paul Sullivan, of the Chicago Tribune, released an article today for what he considers are the five keys to making it happen. Below is a quick summary of his five and then I give my five keys to making it happen (my non obvious keys).

Paul Sullivan:
  1. Feeling at home on the road. This seems obvious as the Cubs are 20-26 on the road. The big series coming up, July 28-31 in Milwaukee.
  2. Fukudome Factor. Paul believes that Fuku's current slump is due to time off and Alfonso Soriano and possibly his current position in lineup.
  3. Getting Marmol's mind right. As Jumbo mentioned in a previous post regarding the all star game. Maybe the all star game is what he needed.
  4. Keeping Marquis in groove. Marquis will have his third start in 26 days on Tuesday night. A key is keeping him rested and focus.
  5. Staying Focused. Pinella has to keep the team focused as it gets better and better and closer to October.


  1. Pitching Strikes. Keeping the walks down is key.
  2. Not over-pitching. The Cubs have a strong record and being healthy in September and October is key for the pitching staff.
  3. Small Ball. While we can hit the crap out of the ball. It will be key to see some more base stealing and hit-n-runs. These lead to easy runs.
  4. Minimizing Runners Left in Scoring Position. Jumbo's greatest hate in life. Leaving cubbies on base when they were there with 0 or 1 out.
  5. Kerry Wood. We will have more 1 or 2 run games in the 9th. His ability to continue to pitch as he has is KEY.

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