By the Numbers...

With just over two months left to play in the season and exactly 28 home and 28 road games to go, I thought I would provide a few stats of interest:

Player Stats
  • If it seems like D-Lee is hitting into a lot of double plays, it's because he is. He already has 21 this year, good for tops in all of baseball. His previous high was back in 2001, when he hit 18. 10 of Lee's 21 DP's have come with a runner in scoring position, despite a .310 BA with RISP.

  • On the good side of things, Lee is third in the N.L. in hits, with 129. Then again, he's third in outs made (guess what, he's third in AB's too).

  • The Riot leads the N.L. in singles with 106 and is in second in MLB behind Ichiro's 108. Good thing he gets so many hits, as he is tied with Jose Reyes for most times caught stealing, with 10. Too bad Reyes has 34 successful SB's and The Riot has only 15.

  • Dempster leads the N.L. in allowing the fewest hits per 9 innings. There are only 5 other pitches in the league who are within a hit per 9 of him. In contrast, he is ninth in giving up walks. That still allows him a spot on the top ten in WHIP.

  • Ted Lilly leads the league in HR's allowed, which seems odd to me. Not that he's been that stellar, I just don't remember that many balls flying out the yard with him on the mound. Then again, I don't remember him striking that many out, yet he's 6th in K's per 9.

Team Stats

  • The Cubs lead the league in runs per game, averaging 5.24. Showing a Adam Dunn like trend, they are also fourth in the N.L. in strikeouts.

  • Despite not having a guy in the top ten in OBP, they have a league-best .355 team OBP. When is the last time you could say the Cubs lead the league in OBP? Actually, it was only last year, when they tied for first with a .354.

  • The pitching staff gives up the second fewest runs per game in the league, thanks in large part to Dempster and Z being in the top ten in ERA. They are third in K's.


  • The Cubs magic number is 55 (56 games left)

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