To date, I have avoided most Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts, opting for a Sunday night of cartoons. While the majority of it has to do with the quality of Sunday night programming on Fox, it also has something to do with Joe Morgan. I hate Morgan. I hate him with every fiber of my being. Since I couldn't get the radio broadcast synced with the TV broadcast, I suffered through it. Here's some of what I heard:
.200=.300-Joe Morgan said that a .200 hitting pitcher was equivalent to a .300 hitter because he didn't play every day. Huh? The point he seemed to be making was that a .200 hitter was a valuable asset because he could help your team with the stick. But how does a .300 hitter (who averages a hit a game over 3-4 AB's) equal a pitcher who gets a hit roughly every two games (since they usually bat 2-3 times a game)?
Sweet Lou-Joe rambled about how Lou hasn't erupted this year because while the team has endured some losing streaks, he has remained calm and been Sweet Lou. Two things wrong with the comment. First, is two games really a streak? Second, last time I checked, the nickname "Sweet" Lou wasn't referring to Lou being a nice guy, but good try Joe.
1 run leads are harder to save-This comment needs no explanation. Nor did it need to be said. Good analysis, Joe.

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