Short Hop

Couple quick items of note tonight:
  • Cubs RFer and new leadoff man Kosuke Fukudome was scratched from tonight's lineup with tightness in his left calf. The move is said to simply be precautionary. Nothing to see here-no problems.
  • This, however, is interesting. Per an article by John Perrotto on Baseball Prospectus ($) today, well, I'll just let Perrotto say it: "There is growing sentiment among baseball people that the Cubs might be relaying the catcher’s signs from the hand-operated scoreboard at Wrigley Field to the hitters. The Cubs are averaging 6.5 runs a game at home and 4.4 on the road." Wow. Despite their $118 million payroll, apparently the Cubs are going to lay their hopes of ending their 100 year title drought in sticking a couple friggin' grounds crew guys up in the scoreboard to then secretly radio signs into ear pieces that have been secretly installed in every Cubs' batting helmet thereby giving them an advantage, at home only, against oposing teams. I, for one, think it's brilliant. I'm soooooo glad the Cubs have decided to do this. Because no way they're actually just playing better with better players feeding off of one of the best home environments in professional sports. Nah. They must be cheating.
  • Finally, Jon Lieber could be calling it a career after 2008. No wonder he's not bitching about how Lou is letting him sit around and grow cobwebs. Dude's thinking about sitting on a beach sipping mai-tais.

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