Shawon Award #2 - Erin Andrews

I've been thinking for the past few weeks who I believe deserves the Shawon Award (an award given for awesomness in the eyes of Arthur) and it has been tough. I thought about Soto and his great hitting, Fuku for being fuku and even Al "I have a glass ego" Soriano for his comeback...but as I sat on my carpet and thought about this deeply I realized one thing --> Lionel is getting married soon and how is this affecting my life.

Well, first off his wedding is on the 14th of June (please do not send any boxed gifts to Lionel c/o Towel Drills...we will however take anything that fits into an envelope)...and this means that after Saturday he can no longer enjoy the sweet comfort of any other lady besides his beautiful bride.

Second...I am somewhat jealous of this fact. Why? not because I want to stop milling around the farm but because Lionel now has 2 incomes to play with...

So with that being said I now annuonce the winner of the second Shawon Award - Erin Andrews. For all of her heart, dedication and decent looks she defines what sports casting should be about.

Keep on keeping on Lionel.

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June 10, 2008 at 11:32 AM

If only the two topics you mentioned were related...