Passed out at Wrigley...too many Cups

Wow. I just came across this great video and I have no idea how it wasnt already in my arsenal.

This guy reminds me of many of my friends...Lionel...that often get overserved (even if they are the ones doing the serving). I can appreciate the group effort in the stands to really get the cups as high as possible. They show some serious dedication and heart.

On a personal note: Any one ever taken a riksha back from Wrigley Field all the way to downtown? well I have and it was pricey...60 bucks to be exact. But what a great experience. The bike rider suggested he and I go into business together. He clearly recognized my great business skills or he just saw that I am Indian and that Rikshas msut be in my blood.

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June 3, 2008 at 11:39 AM

Check out the little girl in the lower left of this video...she's getting quite the education, as most tots do whenever they are at Wrigley.