The "L" Flag, Zambrano & Fukudome injuries. Lou, & some signings

It's just 2 losses. Everybody chill out. We're still 33-10 at home. Would any of us not taken that mark through our first 43 games at home before this season started? That's what I thought. Now, let's write about some junk:
  • Anyone else hate the idea to no longer fly the "L" flag above Wrigley after losses? There's no legit reason to change this great tradition that has been around since 1917. Just another PC-ification of our society, I guess. Like not keeping score in tee ball games anymore. Boo to that. Save the "L" flag!
  • Carlos Zambrano began throwing off of flat ground yesterday-the first time he's done so since leaving his June 18th start with a shoulder injury. Z is expected to have a bullpen session on Sunday assuming the shoulder reacted well to the side session. Baby Bull is also pining to pitch in the All-Star game coming up in a few weeks, saying he wants to help the Cubs get home field advantage for the World Series. Easy, Bull. Easy.
  • Kosuke Fukudome sat out his second straight game in yesterday's loss to the Orioles. The decision is still being described as "precautionary" to rest Fuku's strained calf. The club is now blaming the injury on playing on the artificial turf in Toronto and Tampa Bay. C'mon guys...the players on those teams play 1/2 their games every year on that turf. They don't have to sit out 2 games for every 6 they play. Edmonds and now Fuku both claim the turf "injured" them. C'mon. Fukudome "may" return for the Sox series this weekend per the article.
  • BP's Will Carroll says Fuku was trying to play through the mild strain but, while it wasn't affecting him at the plate, it was beginning to slow him down a bit in the field. Carroll expects Fukudome to be ready to go starting today.
  • Lou Pinella is headed to the All-Star Game. Pinella was named to the coaching staff replacing the recently (brutally) fired Willie Randolph from the Metropolitans. Lou's pretty jacked up about it: "I'm happy that they asked," Piniella said Thursday. "I look forward to going to New York. It'll be the last time I'm in Yankee Stadium. I played there, I managed there, coached there, I was a general manager. It'll be fun for me, and I'm appreciative that I was asked, and I'm looking forward to helping Clint Hurdle out in any way I can."
  • The Cubs have inked 26 draft picks. That list includes Cubs sandwich round pick Ryan Flaherty out of Vanderbilt. It does not, however, include Cubs 1st rounder Andrew Cashman. 'Bout time they got this up. I was wondering how some of these recent draftees were being assigned to teams like Boise because I hadn't heard anything about any signings. I looked all over the Interwebs and couldn't find anything on it. Again, bang up job by the Muskrat getting us the news. Oh...and if you're looking for any info on the signing terms in that article, don't bother because the Muskrat didn't bother to put it in there. Nice work.

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June 27, 2008 at 10:34 AM

I heard the Fuku injury was due to when he tripped and that the turf only worsened the problem. But if they want to go with the playing on turf bit, I see another problem, related specifically to Fuku. Kosuke played for the Chunichi Dragons before heading to the States. The Dragons play in the Nagoya Dome. That's right, a dome. As in turf.