TD has gone big time boys. After the successful launch of the Towel Drills blog, the staff at TD has decided to make the move to our very own domain name. With our readership growing steadily, the new domain name,, will be easier to remember, market, pass along, etc. than the free Blogger variety. Don't worry-no need to re-set your bookmark or anything, will re-direct you straight to the site at

While on the subject of our increasing readership, we here at TD have been making some efforts of late to continue to encourage people to visit the site. This all started as a few friends putting their Cubs rants online but has and will continue to develop into a first class blog environment. The feedback thus far has been nothing but positive and we look forward to continuing to bring you our own variety of amateur, living-in-the-parents-basement, Cubs analysis.

To help us along on our efforts to take over the Interwebs, please pass the word along of our site ( to friends, colleagues, enemies, passers-by, etc. The more, the merrier. Also, if you see a story you like, please use the new "Bookmark" feature in the bottom right of each post. This allows you to post the article to Digg, Facebook, Reddit,, etc. all with the click of one button. If you're like me and only know what like 2 of those things are, taking the time to submit to Digg or Facebook would be appreciated greatly.

And finally, speaking of Facebook, TD now has its own page. The man, the myth, the TD Facebook page. If you're on "the Book," hit us up with a friend request and be sure to spread the TD love all over that thing.

As always, we're here to serve your every single whim. Hit us up with any suggestions, general site comments, or advertising inquiries at

Towel Drills: Bigger. Than. Jebus.

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