Edmonds, Throwbacks, Z Hitting, a Signing, & Soriano

Until further notice...I still hate the guy. But yesterday, Jim Edmonds may have "become a Cub" in my mind. Dude all but won yesterday's crazy game for us on the offensive side. May have. Until further notice, I still hate the guy. The Cubs trailed from the 2nd inning until Edmonds scored a run w/ a sac fly in the 7th (there's no such thing as a "sac fly," I've heard-just a HR ball that didn't make it out of the ballpark) and then the game tying HR into the basket in left to tie it up in Bottom 9. Edmonds was coming up again in Bottom 11 with the bases loaded when Lou pinch hit Reed Johnson for him. Johnson was HBP, Cubs win, game over. Great stuff.

Lots to get to, so let's get some notes up:
  • I'm in to uniforms. If you never have, check out the UniWatch Blog at that link. Great stuff. That said, I thought yesterday's throwback uniforms worn by the Cubs and Braves were really cool. Check 'em out here and here.
  • WTF? I don't care what Carlos Zambrano's batting average is (.362, by the way), you don't leave him up to hit in Bottom 7 with 2 outs and the tying run on 2nd. You pinch hit there (Micah Hoffpauir perhaps?). I realize that Bobby Cox even went with a pitching change there, but I don't care what your pitcher is hitting-you do not let him hit there. Factor in that Z was then yanked after walking the leadoff batter in the 8th, and you DEFINITELY do not let Z hit there. The only way you do is if you're going to let the guy go at least one more full inning. C'mon Lou-let's not start getting cute here.
  • The Cubs signed Ben Broussard on Wednesday after learning of the extent of Soriano's broken hand. Broussard is a lefy stick who most recently has been bouncing around with SEA, TEX, and was most recently cut by NYY. He's basically a "just in case" policy that likely won't see time with the club-if we do, we it trubble. Oh...and Broussard has his own band or something.
  • Finally, an update on Soriano's injury ($) from BP injury expert Will Carroll. Carroll is actually fairly optimistic, saying it will take about a month to heal and that Sori should be able to make it back in the quoted six weeks. Why? Because the injury occurred to Sori's ring finger. Biomechanical studies have show that this finger contributes very little to a hitter's swing. He should make a full recovery and be back around the minimum.

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