Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors

Number of quick hits from the Cubs trade rumor mill tonight:
  • has an article up today entitled "Trade winds are starting to blow." They had this to say about the Cubs: "Cubs: The Cubs don't seem to lack much at this point, but they would be selective buyers. Chicago could dangle outfielder Matt Murton and a cluster of prospects who have earned favorable reviews. Sabathia won't see his name associated with the Cubs unless Chicago could convince the Tribe to lower its demands for the lefty."
  •, in fact, has a whole new section up called "Trade Deadline 2008" that has some okay stuff in it (anyone else find that's stuff is always average at best and usually bad? I'm looking at you Muskrat). Here's an article from the new section about how there's not likely to be a blockbuster deal this year. Guess they forgot about CC Sabathia, Rich Harden, AJ Burnett, Matt Holliday, etc. And another ramming MLB's parity contention down our throats. Hey...the "p" word as the first linked article calls it worked for the NFL. Why not jump on that bandwagon, right Bud?
  • From the Trade Deadline 2008 section, brings us this list of players that could be moved this year at the deadline. Though not specifically mentioned, of interest to the Cubs on this list could be: CC Sabathia, Greg Maddux, and Milton Bradley.
  • From's new "Trade Talk" blog, there's this, which appears to have been posted my Ms. Carrie Muskrat herself: "The front office won't say it on the record, but the Cubs are close to ending the 100-year drought since the team's last World Series title. Because of LHP Rich Hill's struggles, they're looking at starting pitching, but are not in desperate mode. That means C.C. Sabathia is not on the list unless the Cubs can lower the asking price. OF Matt Murton is available, and the Cubs do have a solid farm system for other teams to pick from. The need for a left-handed bat in the outfield isn't as strong with OF Jim Edmonds' resurgence." I have several problems with this Muskrat...1) The Cubs are close to ending their title drought? Really? Why? Because they're in 1st in June? That makes us close? Really?; 2) Matt Murton is available? Wow-there's a hard hitting scoop for ya; 3) So, you're telling me we're going to pin our title hopes on a "resurgent" 38 year old and not look to improve at what is far and away our weakest posistion? Really? C'mon Muskrat-I know you're bad, but you let me down after your column from the other day.
  • From the same John Perrotto's BP column ($) that brought you the incalculably genius reasoning that the Cubs are only playing so well at home because some dude in the scoreboard is stealing signs for them is a note that the Cubs are hoping Eric Patterson's hot play of late will make him more attractive in the trade market.
  • BP's Joe Sheehan doesn't think the Indians should trade CC Sabathia at all. Sheehan blames an "NFL mindset" where one bad week creates panic and spurns immediate changes at the expense of the longer term. Sheehan says, "Baseball doesn’t reward panic. It rewards perspective and patience, and those two traits are in ample supply in Cleveland. The Indians are perfectly capable of not just making their season interesting, but extending it well into October. They should hold on to C.C. Sabathia because doing so helps them reach their goal: a championship in 2008."

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