Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors - June 3oth

The baseball world, and the starting pitching trade market, continues to await word on whether Cleveland Indian ace CC Sabathia will be made available for trade. Towel Drills gave our thoughts on a Cubs acquisition of the big lefty right here. Though the stove is starting to heat up, not much is happening as teams play the wait and see game to determine 1) if their team is still in the playoff hunt and, if so, just how "in" they are, and 2) if Sabathia will be made available, what the cost will be, what team will acquire him, and how that move must be countered.

As an update on the Indians, they're still in last place, and are now 10.5 back at 37-46. They're a good 12 back of the wild card. It's only a matter of time before Indians GM Mark Shapiro opens the flood gates to a Sabathia trade-and Towel Drills will be here when he does to keep you up to date on all the rumors involving Sabathia and other players who may be coming to Chicago. You want 'em. We gots 'em. Here's latest from the Chicago Cubs trade rumor mill:
  • Ken Rosenthal made his regular Monday appearance on XM radio's Baseball This Morning. Talking with hosts Mark Patrick and Buck Martinez, Rosenthal stated: "The Cubs want a starter. There's no question about that. They will be in on every starter: Sabathia; they've even made an inquiry on Harden."
  • The Buster Olney ($) is staying strong on his Cubs/Brewers call for CC Sabathia and states he doesn't see the Angels as contenders in the sweepstakes for the hefty lefty.
  • Rosenthal seems to think the Brewers, Red Sox, or even the Rays are more likely contenders for CC's services. KR says the Brewers are cooler than most with acquiring Sabathia as a rental and subsequently losing him to free agency as they'll happily take the draft pick compensation they'd receive if Sabathia were to sign elsewhere after the season as the club has performed extremely well of late in the draft. KR says the Sox just straight have the prospects to get it done. And the Rays aren't afraid to deal from their ridonkulous minor league prospect depth to acquire a player That is, unless the bidding gets crazy stupid.
  • Rosenthal also had this nugget on a new one to me-David DeJesus: "The Cubs talked to the Royals about David DeJesus when they were searching for a left-handed hitting outfielder. But DeJesus, too, fits the Royals' long-term plan; he runs well, gets on base and plays above-average defense at all three outfield positions. The success of Jim Edmonds has ended, at least temporarily, the Cubs' quest for a left-handed bat. Rival executives are impressed by the way the Cubs put together their center-field platoon of Edmonds and Reed Johnson — signing both players off the scrap heap ..." Nobody effs with DeJesus. (Sorry...had to do it.)
  • Jayson Stark says the AJ Burnett to the Cubs rumors are unfounded. Per Stark, "We haven't found any indication that the Cubs have even batted his name around." Stark says the Cubs aren't looking for just another arm in trade, but rather for a true impact pitcher. He questions whether the Cubs have the prospect depth to land CC Sabathia, but believes they'll give it a go.
  • Jim Molony of cites "industry types" and believes that Sabathia will head to either the Cubs or the Angels. Molony also mentions that the Cubs have scouted San Francisco OFer Fred Lewis. Yawn.
  • Dick Kaegel, Kansas City's Carrie Muskrat counterpart, says don't look for Gil Meche to be traded. Meche, Kaegel, and KC GM Dayton Moore are all delusional if they really believe Meche would rather be wasting his time in Kansas City than fighting for a World Series.
  •'s "Trade Deadline 2008" (doesn't that sound like a Fox News headline or something?) section offers several names to be used as a "Plan B" for any team that tries, but fails, to acquire Sabathia. Here they are, sorted by my personal belief of their likelihood of coming to Chicago: Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux, AJ Burnett, Erik Bedard, Bronson Arroyo, and Roy Oswalt.
  • SI's John Heyman has a list of 11 SPs and 8 RPs that could be available at the trade deadline. Some names we haven't discussed much yet here (a few of whom I owe you guys some words on) are Freddy Garcia, Greg Maddux, Randy Wolf, Kevin Millwood, Joe Blanton, and Jarrod Washburn. Be sure to check out that link if only to see the great picture of Rich Harden they have up.

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