Back Off the Wagon

Off the wagon, that's the one where you're drinking again, right? Yeah. Ok. Anyway...Wondering where your Towel Drills staff has been the last couple of days? Well...we were attending Lionel's commitment ceremony (see photo, above; Lionel at left). Gorgeous ceremony. Great time. A very special Towel Drills congrats to Lionel and Frank on their special day.

Now we're back and ready to provide you with the hardcore Cubs news you've come to expect. Let's kick off the week with a notes column:
  • 69 sucks. The Cubs were rained out today, on their "off day," at what was to be the 69th (and final ever) Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown. Why is MLB putting the kibosh on the HOF game? "Scheduling problems." Yeah...scheduling problems like the Cubs, stuck up in Canada the last three weeks after a 3 game home "stand" being forced to go to New York for 1 freaking exhibition game before being sent to Florida for 3 straight the very next day and then back to Chicago for 3 starting the day after those end. "Scheduling problems." Yeah. I'm sure the HOF game is great and all, but throwing an exhibition game in the middle of a team's schedule and then scheduling games the days directly before and after is ridiculous. Good riddance HOF game. Bleed Cubbie Blue author Al disagrees with me on this. He made a trip out to Cooperstown for the game and paints a rosier picture. If you want to see some great pics of the rain, um, raining on the parade of the HOF game, go check those out here.
  • Turns out I've got to run off to a softball game right now, but stay tuned this week for some juicy Cubs trade rumor action.
  • Oh...and no, that's not really Lionel up there. But he did get married last weekend. To a real, live girl that he didn't even have to order off the internet or anything. Congrats Lionel.

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